[Supervisor-users] *.conf files not being found??

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[Supervisor-users] *.conf files not being found??

Nathan Zabaldo
I'm using 3.3.1 on centos. I have supervisord installed and running. However, I can only get supervisor to load programs if I put them directly into /etc/supervisord.conf

In supervisord.conf at the end I have:

files = /etc/supervisord.d/*.conf

In /etc/supervisord.d/ I have 3 files that all end in ".conf" so the wildcard should find them.

If I try to add a program like below I get the ERROR you can see there.

[root@appbox-01 etc]# supervisorctl add ingest_data_worker
ERROR: no such process/group: ingest_data_worker

What am I missing in my setup? Seems pretty straightforward according to the docs and other examples I could find on the net.

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