[Supervisor-users] Routing supervisord's child process through Apache

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[Supervisor-users] Routing supervisord's child process through Apache

Asma Bankapur

I am using Supervisord to serve Jenkins through localhost. To check if supervisord and jenkins are spawned off I did the following:

ps aux | grep jenkins 

kcopipe  12713  0.0  0.2 126760 16972 ?        Ss   Mar30   0:15 /../redhat_6_x86_64/pkgs/python_2.7.1-sqlite3-rtrees/bin/python /../local/bin/supervisord -c /../jenkins/supervisord.conf
kcopipe  12718  0.0  0.0   9260  1144 ?        S    Mar30   0:00 sh /../jenkins/jenkins.sh
kcopipe  12719  0.0  8.7 4551044 702016 ?      Sl   Mar30   1:11 java -jar /../jenkins/jenkins.war --httpPort=8085 --httpListenAddress= --prefix=/jenkins
bankapur 56934  0.0  0.0   6472   732 pts/0    S+   15:11   0:00 grep jenkins 

To double check if Jenkins was spawned off at the correct port, I used netstat -lntu and it listed 8085 as one of its output:

tcp        0      0 ::ffff:       :::*                        LISTEN

As a next step I want to plug in Supervisord spawned off Jenkins on localhost through Apache and used the following config in httpd.conf:

Listen 9090

NameVirtualHost *:9090

<VirtualHost *:9090>

     ServerName servername.institute.org

     ProxyPass /jenkins http://localhost:8085/jenkins 

     ProxyPassReverse /jenkins http://localhost:8085/jenkins

     ProxyRequests Off

     ErrorLog logs/jenkins_logs

     <Proxy http://localhost:8085/jenkins*>

             Order deny,allow

             Allow from all


     ProxyPreserveHost on


After Apache restart, I was not able to connect to the Jenkins server on the port 9090, error logs do not record anything either. My question being is there something special that Supervisord do to the processes it spawned off so that Apache cannot see it? 

As a newbie to Supervisord, I apologize if the the question is naive.

Thank you,


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